Kite Runner Relationships

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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psIndependent Reading Quiz
The Kite Runner

1&2. In the novel im reading, I can highlight two major relationships. The first important relationship is Ali, the main character, and his so called best friend Hassan. This is a relationship that is supposed to be based on trust, and it is a fairly complex relationship because Hassan is his servant. This answers a question many people might have, which is: “Should love for a friend outweigh the divisions of class and ethnicity?  Or are these divisions too strong?” The second major relationship is between Ali and his dad. Which answers another question regarding ethnicity. Should it divide the members of a family too?

The main theme in the novel for me is betrayal, because it is what is really behind the main conflict between the unseperable friends Hassan and Ali. As you should know, Hassan gets raped while Ali is watching, and clearly if the truth comes out the results wouldn’t be so nice. Its not a legit “betrayal” , many would say. But do many know how you can betray a person? Can you do so by not warning, or can many betrayals lead up to a worse one in the end. Ali asks himself if he can redeem himself after betraying his friend, but the truth is what he did was not really a betrayal against Hassan, but a betrayal against the friendship they had, or as they think, the relationship they have.

Another theme can be related to the novel is principles, principles that have to be followed from the father to the son. Which leads to regret! This can be felt by the characters after disregarding one of your fathers principles, which might have been considered vastly valuable.

3. The characters in the novel are very believable, especially Ali. Ali makes believe that nothing is wrong, and even though Ali and Hassan don’t stay together, he keeps the guilt and the regret of the acts he did. But yeah, he is believable.

4. I pick Ali. Ali is a very strong and nice character in the story. Even though Hassan...
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