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Topics: Hazara people, Afghanistan, Genghis Khan Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: October 2, 2007
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a powerful novel about two friends whose only similarity is the wet nurse they were fed from when they were little. Because the novel is not informative in purpose and as American, we know little about the history and politics of Afghanistan, its culture, Islam, the persecution of the Hazara, and the Taliban, it is vital in order to understand the novel on the deepest of levels to have background information relating to the topics previously mentioned. Without any background knowledge of Afghanistan it is still easy to understand the novel, in order to more fully appreciate the work of art that the Kite Runner is, certain information must be presented at the time of the analysis of the novel.

To understand the novel in depth, one must comprehend the viscous cycle of blood that has engulfed Afghanistan for hundreds of years. The first appearance of a not so perfect political state in Afghanistan occurs at the beginning of chapter 5 when bombs rain down on the city. Ali, in an attempt not to frighten the children, explains that people are simply hunting ducks as they do at night. From both background knowledge and from a minuscule amount of detail from the book, the reader gains an appreciation for the start of the decline of life in Afghanistan for all. In reality, there was no duck hunting at all. The truth was that while the King of Afghanistan was in Italy a coup had occurred, putting his cousin, Mohammad Khan, in power, and turning Afghanistan into a republic. He attempted to rid the country of the Soviet Influences that had been closely aligned to Afghan government since 1965. After the murder of Khan, situations in Afghanistan continued to decline. This is why Baba and Amir left Afghanistan. The Soviets had taken over through a puppet government in Afghanistan following the murder of Khan.

Afghan culture plays another important role in the novel for the purpose of understanding it on a high level. The culture is...
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