Kite Runner Geography Essay

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  • Published : October 20, 2011
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Human Geography Book Report|
Kite Runner|
Robert Hernandez|
Period 4|


The story Kite Runner is narrated by the main character Amir, and Afghanistan born man, now an American citizen living in San Francisco. He starts off by recalling his childhood spent in Afghanistan. He remembers how he betrayed his best friend and he continually implies that his experiences as a child affected his entire life. As Amir finishes the recollection of his memories the setting goes back to his home in San Francisco. After receiving new from his friend in Afghanistan Amir returns to his home in the hopes of redeeming himself for his past actions.

Although most of this book takes place in Afghanistan the setting of the book jumps numerous times between California and Afghanistan. Most of the books main parts which include Amir’s memories and his return to his home take place in Amir’s home town of Kabul, Afghanistan and the areas that surround this place. While the book is pretty straight forward in explaining the global events that surround the books main plot to better understand the book knowing of the recent events of what happened with the Taliban and how it got to the point it did would be helpful. While the absolute locations of the settings are not needed to understand the reason for some of the events that take place in the book there are absolute locations to the settings such as the cities of San Francisco and Fremont, California or the city of Kabul, Afghanistan.

The main setting of the book is in a more urban Afghanistan with a drier climate. This climate causes there to be more flat lands and while at first there are some trees and green plant life described throughout the book as the story progresses in time by the time Amir returns and the Taliban have a foothold on the area the setting is described as more desert like with dried out trees and an abundance of dirt all everywhere. This progression in time not only affects the setting...
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