Kite Runner Film Adaption

Topics: Narrative, Fiction, First-person narrative Pages: 2 (350 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Film adaption

“The Kite Runner” is a movie that has been adapted from the novel written by Khaled Hosseini. According to the past, certain characters and events of the films that had been based on the novels have been left out. Unexpectedly, there are merits in this film that should be acknowledged. The movie follows the story quite closely through those points, and telling the story adequately. They are the additions to the screenplay, the sensory experience and the narration respectively.

The changes made in the movie had a significant effect on the overall message of the story. One of the parts in the film that differs from the novel is the birthday gift for Hassan. When Hassan’s birthday takes place in the novel, he gets paid a surgery by Baba to get rid of his harelip. But in the film, when Hassan celebrates his birthday, he receives a kite from Baba. Apparently, the kite is more suitable in the context, because it completely relates to the title, but also a symbol of friendship.

The film helps the audience to have a thoroughly understanding of the culture of Afghan. It attempts to present the cultural sights and sounds of Afghan life. By transferring the story to screen, it has taken advantage of visual elements, showing sensory experience of the kite combat and the appearance of bazaar. Moreover, Afghan’s music is added in the movie to increase the mood and realistic.

The replacement of the first person narration plays an essential part in the movie. The novel is written from Admir’s point of view where his own thoughts and opinions are also included. The personal narrative of the book is what makes the story poignant. Therefore, the third person point of view in the movie would be completely different. It is more objective and immediate, and more details are included.

The deletion from the novel, sensory experience, and the replacing of the narration has made a slightly difference form the novel. But still, they are essential to the...
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