Kite Runner Essay-Friendship

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Paolo Barrenechea
Per 3
Mrs. Filice

Friendship is Important

In the Kite Runner, Khaled Hassein’s use of time through Amir’s birthday watch and the use of mental flash-backs show that the time spent with someone should be cherished, for at any moment, they could be gone.

As time goes on, people regret the past due to their actions and how they effect others and themselves. Hassein shows sorrow through Amir and how he regrets the way he treated Hassan. Amir remembers the past differently at the beginning of the novel than at the end of the novel. At the beginning of the novel, he saw Hassan differently, as a lower-class citizen and a servant. At the end of the novel, Amir looks at Hassan differently and how Baba always loved them the same but in different ways. In this quote said by Baba “ Hassan’s not going anywhere”… “He’s staying here with us, where he belongs. This is where he belongs”. (Pg 225) Khaled is trying to show how Hassan looks at the past in two different aspects. In the first aspect, Amir thinks Baba loves Hassan more than his own flesh and blood. His second flashback, Amir realizes that things aren’t as he remembered it. His first flash back is how he remembered it but in his perspective. Now that he grows up and learns new information, he sees the past not only from his perspective but as Baba’s perspective too. Though flash-backs, people remember clearely the way they saw the past and not how it really happened. Khaled proves through Amir that things do not always seem how they are seen. As Amir progresses through the novel, he realizes that his life has been a paradox. He believed in one thing, but saw it in a different way. He realizes the bad he has done, and tries to solve it by doing good.
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