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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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In the Novel Kite Runner by Khaled Hossani and the film Atonement directed by Joe wright, the themes of betrayal, guilt and redemption are portrayed throughout the entire texts. Both protagonists have guilt and are constantly reminded of the consequences of their betrayal. This guilt leads them to redeem themselves and rid themselves of sin through the telling of their story and to give the people they betrayed a voice, since ‘that is what true redemption is, when guilt leads to good’.

In the novel The Kite Runner the betrayal of self, guilt and redemption is already laid out to the reader through the first paragraph. Khaled Hossani begins with the foreshadowing of a catastrophic betrayal by the use of first person narration though Amir to hint this event has changed and affected Amir’s life in a major way, ‘I became what I am today, at the age of 12 on a frigid overcast day, in the winter of1975’. As the novel goes on we learn of Amir’s motivation for his betrayal to Hassan. In the alley when Amir decides to turn away from Hassan being raped he is then committing the absolute betrayal. He justifies to himself that Hassan is ‘just an Hazara boy’ and uses this motivation as well as his longing for his father’s love and approval to warrant his reason for betrayal. As Amir engages in the last betrayal of accusing Hassan of stealing, he watches Hassan and Ali leave through the window representing a distorted view and separation of Hassan and Amir. Amir is faced with consequences of his actions through out his life and the opportunities for redemption. Amir attempts to store away the guilt and wrongdoing but ‘it claws it way back in’ until he his overwhelmed by the guilt and seeks redemption.

In the film Atonement it begins with the non-diegetic sound of a typewriter and the image of the camera looking up towards bryony that is typing a story, this highlights the power of story telling and that bryony seems godlike and in control of peoples lives. Wright uses...
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