Kite Runner Essay

Topics: Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns Pages: 2 (858 words) Published: May 15, 2013
14 May 2013
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Irony of "The Kite Runner"
Irony is a literary technique used to show contrast between reality and what appears to be reality. It is usually used to put emphasis on a particular event in a book. In the novel The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini, irony is used throughout the book to tie together certain events and themes. The story follows a boy named Amir living in Kabul, Afghanistan during the Taliban take over. Amir lives with his wealthy father Baba and his two servants, Hassan and Ali. Even though Hassan is Amir's servant and is of a lower class, the boys are best friends in the beginning of the book. Much of the story is about Amir trying to get his fathers' love and approval. But in the beginning of this book Amir does a couple things opposite of what Baba would have wanted and he sets himself up for a lifetime of guilt. Throughout the book Amir is trying to find a way to get rid of this guilt he has and most of his actions are interlaced with some form of irony.

In the beginning of the book Amir is in a kite running tournament and he knows that if he wins this tournament he will gain his father's approval. At the end of the tournament Amir wins, so Hassan goes to run and get his kite for him. Amir goes after Hassan to get the kite and bring it back to his father. When he gets to the alley where Hassan is, he witnesses him being raped by a boy named Assef and several others. Instead of helping Hassan, Amir does nothing and just watches. After watching this event, Amir feels a deep sense of guilt for much of the book. Not only does he feel guilty, but his lack of action is the exact opposite of what his father would have wanted him to do. His father wanted him to stand up for himself and not act cowardly. It is ironic that while he was trying to get his father's approval he did the exact opposite and acted like a coward by not helping Hassan. This is the first point in the book where we see the...
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