Kite Runner- Amir and Baba Relationship Discussion

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Early in the novel Amir is constantly vying for Baba’s attention and often feels like an outsider in his father’s life, as seen in the following passage: “He’d close the door, leave me to wonder why it was always grown-ups time with him. I’d sit by the door, knees drawn to my chest. Sometimes I sat there for an hour, sometimes two, listening to their laughter, their chatter.” (Pg 4-5). Discuss Amir’s relationship with Baba.

Amir’s relationship with Baba is unique because right from the start Baba never accepted that Amir was his son. Amir had killed Baba’s ‘princess’; he lived while his mother died. Amir’s belief for a while of why Baba somewhat disowns him is because he killed his mum leaving Baba to look after a pathetic child that can’t stand up for himself. Amir was always determined to obtain his fathers love; his first word was ‘Baba’ the man who he aspired to become.

It is ironic how Amir tries so hard to impress his father ‘ I saw Baba on our roof. He was standing on the edge, pumping both of his fists. Hollering and clapping. And that right there was the single greatest moment of my twelve years of life, seeing Baba on that roof, proud of me at last.’ When he finally won the prize of his father’s attention he lost his loyal best friend and half brother Hassan only a few hours later by allowing him to sacrifice himself so Amir could exchange his winning kite for his fathers acceptance. But Baba’s love went as soon as it arrived, Amir was quickly becoming an outsider again, there were only so many people Baba could brag to, the glory was short-lived. Again Amir was left out of the hilarious conversations his father had with his friends.

The father/son relationship between Baba and Amir is not as strong as Baba’s and Hassan’s. At the beginning of the novel Amir is oblivious to the fact that Hassan was his half brother, his understanding is that his best friend is just a Hazara servant. Baba always treated them both equally ‘Baba gave us a weekly...
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