Kite Runner: Amir

Topics: The Kite Runner, Hazara people, Family Pages: 2 (886 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Character Analysis: Amir
Amir is the obvious main character in the book The Kite Runner. He is brought up in a wealthy home where he is raised by his father. His father is a hard-working and no nonsense type of person. He expects Amir to be the model son. He wishes for him to be athletic and strong willed, but Amir is just the opposite. He enjoys to write stories and he is not the kind to stand up and take part in any type of conflict. He constantly feels as if he is not meeting his father's standards. To make it worse, his "unofficial brother" Hassan does all of these things and is always there unintentionally reminding Amir that he is not the son his father wants him to be.

Amir and Hassan grow up as best friends not knowing that they are actually brothers. Though they are best friends they are actually opposites. Amir is wealthy and a Pashtun, and Pashtuns are the higher class of people in Afghanistan. Hassan is a Hazara and the son of Amir's father's servant. Though it would seem Hassan would be jealous of Amir because of his riches and advantages of being a Pashtun, Amir is in most cases jealous of Hassan. Hassan has the athleticism, he is headstrong, but most importantly he has the respect from Amir's father. Amir's father seems to have more in common with Hassan. Hassan does not feel like Amir is jealous of him. Hassan serves Amir and loves him more than he loves himself. This frustrates Amir even more because his jealousy causes him to want to attack Hassan, but he really can't while Hassan is serving him and doing everything to make Amir happy at all times.

He attempts to attack Hassan many times, but this only makes him feel worse and he does not get the satisfaction he expected to get out of it. His frustration becomes combined with guilt when he witnesses Hassan being raped and does nothing to help. I believe his frustration and guilt is all towards himself, but no one ever blames themselves or takes it out on themselves....
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