Kite Runner

Topics: Khaled Hosseini, Forgiveness, Hazara people Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Final Essay Questions 3 & 4
In the novel The Kite Runner by Kahled Hosseini, the main character Amir, narrates his own life story from being brought up in Kabul and moving to America. When in Kabul, his servant, Hassan, is raped saving Amir’s prized kite, Amir happens to witness it yet does nothing to save him. Throughout the novel, Amir faces the challenge of forgiving himself and those around him, and with the help of recurring quotes, foreshadowing, symbolism and the minor character, Rahim Kahn, Amir teaches the audience the significance of forgiveness.

After Amir witnesses Hassan’s brutality, he wants nothing to do with Hassan and does his best to avoid him by not playing with him around the house like they used to. Amir does this because he does not want to come to terms with his negligence and cannot forgive himself for not helping Hassan. His ashamed conscience continues to portray itself throughout the novel as he consistently thinks about Hassan and wonders what his life could be like in America without him. The reoccurring quote, “A thousand times over for you,” repeats in Amir’s head as he thinks of Hassan. His own guilty conscience is the evidence of his ability to forgive himself for his actions. Baba on the other hand, reaches his forgiveness for being Hassan’s father, but not claiming it, by the way he treats Hassan throughout the novel. Baba on the other had resents Amir, for his own sins causing him to treat Amir the way he does. Baba always invites Hassan out to picnics and to outings, and he even brings a plastic surgeon in to fix his lip. Although he did not admit that Hassan was his son, his generous actions foreshadow Baba trying to redeem himself from his sins. Baba on the other had resents Amir, for his own sins causing him to treat Amir the way he does.

Rahim Khan, Baba’s business partner, becomes one of the most important minor characters that is presented in the beginning and then again in the end. Rahim Khan is only piece to...
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