Kitchen Remodeling

Topics: Project management, Critical path method, Management Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Kitchen Remodeling Network Diagram Critical Analysis
Boston University
OL MET AD 642 Art & Science of Project Management
Week 3.2 - Network for Party Project

This article examines the Critical Path, Slack, and sequencing of activities for the Kitchen Remodeling Project. It furthers the discussion on whether adding additional slack helps set realistic goals or proves detrimental to the progress of the project. A detailed analysis is also provided on the relationship between the Critical Path and Slack.

I created a Network Diagram for my Personal Kitchen Remodeling Project. During the creation of my Network Diagram, I ran into the issue of having too many activities to sequence. Accommodating granular detail on the Network Diagram became unmanageable, especially for not using Microsoft Project. For example, in the WBS, I broke down the node ‘Secure Workers’ into different skill set (Carpenter, Electrician etc). I simplified this into one activity labeled “Secure Workers” and identified predecessors and successors. I also consolidated installation of appliance into a single node and assigned it a number of days in totality.

The total project duration on the Critical Path came out to 83 days on the forward pass, starting at day 0. Backward pass was calculated using customer’s expected completion time of 73 days. The Critical Path, with the longest path and shortest time fell on the path with the least amount of slack equating to -10 days. This means that to meet the customer’s expected completion date, the project would have to start 10 days in advance of the currently scheduled start date. If the project cannot start in advance, activity duration on the Critical Path would need to be adjusted in order to meet the customer’s expectations.

The key take away from this assignment was that all activities on the...
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