Kitchen Konfidential

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Kitchen Confidential was the book of my choice to write about for this course. This exciting and interesting book is by Anthony Bourdain and was released in 2000. The chef extraordinaire has been in this game for over 25 years and he shares with us everything that he has learned, seen and achieved within the journey of his culinary career. The book is broken down into six sections: Appetizer, First Course, Second Course, Third Course, Dessert, and Coffe and a Cigarerre. He opens up to his readers about his personal weaknesses such as drug addiction and excessive lifestyle, how money was his motivator, and gives us some insight on restaurants and certain foods. For example, in an article in the New Torker entitled ‘Don’t Eat Before Reading This’, Bourdain suggests to his customers to avoid ordering fish on Mondays because it is more likely that that fish has been there over the weekend or earlier (Bourdain p. 124). He also advises to not get your beef well done. He suggests this because the meat is more likey to be from less than best grade as the insufficient flavor would be somewhat disguised during the overcooking process (Bourdain p. 124). He also shares why mussels are an awful dish to ever order while at a restaurant because the ‘mussels are allowed to wallow in their own foul-smelling piss in the bottom of a reach in’ (Bourdain p. 124). The culinary industry is one tough one to stick with as most chefs say that many people just want to quit while there ahead because of the intensity it may bring. You don’t always start out succeeding, you may fail once, or twice, but if you stick with it you may become just as accomplished as Bourdain has today. In the First Course, Bourdain knew that this industry was what he must pursue when at the age of 9. While in Franc, his parents would take him and his younger brother everywhere to different restaurants around France. Bourdain and his brother were always nagging to their parents about the smallest things and how...
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