Kit Wright and Miles Gibson Have Both Reacted to Needless Loss of Whales. Discuss Which Poet Is More Successful in Presenting a Point of View and Which Poem Do You Like More?

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Human Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: October 17, 2010
I have read two poems recently, “The Last Whale” by Miles Gibson and “The Song of the Whale” by Kit Wright. Although these two poems are written by two different poets, they have one thing in common - both are talking about the needless loss of whales. I’m going to share about how I feel about these two poems and compare them, to see the differences and the similarities between both.

At first sight, I think these two poems really look alike, you can see the word ‘whale’ in both poems’ title. However when I finished reading them, I found out they are not really as similar as I thought at first.

Kit Wright starts the poem with the line “Heaving mountain in the sea.” He similizes the whale to a heaving mountain, moving up and down in the sea, while Miles Gibson thinks the whale actually looks like a zeppelin which is about to land on the beach.

“The Song of the Whale” says the whale was grieving and crying for his life and also his kind, because of the mankind’s killing and hunting. What are we killing them for? The poem has mentioned it twice, we kill them for making some luxury things. “Lipstick for our painted faces, polish for our shoes.” Kit Wright doesn’t agree to kill a life for getting part of it’s body to make some needless things, neither does Miles Gibson.

Miles Gibson uses a really simple way to show how he feels about the unnecessary killing of the whales, he writes only 5 stanzas with only 2 lines in each stanza. Unlike one Miles Gibson‘s peom, Kit Wright wrote 9 stanzas in his poem. I was very impressed by the line “he wallowed like a zeppelin full of holes.” in “The Last Whale”, it’s simple but it’s like I can see a real huge whale with lots of gun holes wallowing in front of me. I feel ashamed for us, human being.

Both poems are talking about the needless loss of the whales. Two poets feel sorry and mad about what we are doing to the whales. They both use an angry and a mocking tone in the poems, I can totally feel how they feel....
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