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The launching of the ‘Bagh Bachao Andolan’ which is a movement of several organisations, has put the save tiger campagin back on rails. Public awareness campaign is the need of the hour. There are of couse laws against poaching but their enforcement leaves much to be desired. There is also need to coordinate efforts with international campaign to put pressure on countries like China and Taiwan where trade in tiger bones and skin is flourishing despite an official ban. No less important is the need to break the nexus between poachers/smugglers and the law enforcing agencies. Unless Sansar Chanda and Veerappans are tamed and brought to book the campaign to save the tiger will remain a cry in wilderness. 1. After wiping out the tiger population in China, poachers have now focussed on (a) Taiwan (b) Singapore (c) Malaysia (d) India and Nepal 2. After showing initial success ‘Project Tiger’ failed because (a) lack of facilities (b) minor punishment (c) systemic killing of tigers (d) lack of interest 3. Tigers are killed mainly for (a) flesh (b) aphrodisiac medicine (c) its skin (d) to show bravery 4. To save tigers, the government has to (a) have more zoos (b) tame Veerapans and Sansar Chands of today (c) set up more projects (d) create more national parks 5. The term ‘systemic’ means (d) continuous (a) the whole system (b) type of epidemic (c) periodical 1

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Communicative English – X for SA-1 (Term - I)

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A little over two decades ago, India launched the “Project Tiger” covering nine National Parks, which was by far the most ambitious project to save tiger. Initially the project claimed tremendous success. However, in the last few years, the systemic killing of tigers by poachers has led to sharp decline in the number and the wheel seems to have turned full circle. Even Kailash Sankhala, the architect of “Project Tiger” has turned a critic of the project. In fact, some of the protected forces have become killing field for tigers. Illegal trade in the endangered species is flourishing in China and Taiwan, where there is an unsatiable demand for tiger-derived medicines. Many used tiger bones aphrodisiacs. Thus, in a way, the economic success of ‘East Asia’ state is responsible for the faster depleting population of the tigers.

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Q.1. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow, choosing from the options provided to you. [1 × 5 = 5] According to the New York based Wildlife Conservation Society, if immediate corrective measures are not taken, the tiger will be extinct by the year 2000. The alarming rate at which the tiger population in the world is depleting is the result of hunger for tiger bones in several East Asian and South-East Asian countries, with the tiger population in China and Taiwan virtually wiped out. Smugglers are concentrating on poaching tiger in India which along with Nepal is the home of about half the world’s tiger population. The population of the tiger in the country has declined sharply from 4324 in 1989 to 3750 in 1993. According to the current estimate, one tiger is being poached every day in the country. If the present state of affairs is allowed to continue, the next generation will be lucky to see the majestic animals even in the zoos.

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Q.2. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow, choosing from the options provided to you. [1 × 5 = 5] Particular emphasis in this is on the problems of the aged because the world is turning grey at a rate faster than population growth. Life expectancy in India which was just 30 years in 1947 is now 62 years, accounting for 65 million elderly today. As the number of elderly citizens is growing all over the world, the most vital question which is haunting the senior citizens in recent years...
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