Kit Kat International Strategy- Comparison of 3 Three Countries

Topics: Advertising, Adaptation, Culture Pages: 4 (1461 words) Published: February 23, 2011

Nestle Case

The exchanges globalization brings opportunities to companies, but also challenges. The standardization of certain aspects of the everyday life as for example the cinema or the restoration, does not exfoliate the differences between the cultures. People like their culture, and their roots. The local consumers want to mark their difference. They want to continue to choose according to their culture and their history. Some companies adapt their promotion strategy for meeting the needs of a specific population. For this study we will see the example of Kit-Kat, for judging if this multinational adapts itself to the culture of each country. In order to answer this question we will see in a first part an analysis of three advertisements of different countries, then a video case in Japan. And finally a comparison between these two types of strategy. I- Analyze of the commercials according to the country

In order to see if Kit-Kat adapts according to the various countries in which it markets, we will see the decoding of three advertisements taking place in India, England and in the United States. Two characteristics are very quickly noticeable in these three advertisements. First of all the actors playing inside are people who come from the country where advertisements are spread. Furthermore, the language or the accents are also adapted to each country. a- The Indian commercial

The first commercial takes place in India. The scene takes place in a park, two men relax when one of them sees squirrels dancing. The squirrels begin dancing and singing as in the famous Bollywood movies which are one of the prides of the Indian culture. The choreography results from the Indian dance, the music is also completely typical of the Indian culture, and the theme (love) is also traditional in this king of movies. In this advertisement, the main dominants are the nature with the animals, and the calm. Which remind us the Indian culture. b-...
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