Kit Kat

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  • Published : February 9, 2011
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The main competitors of Kit Kat are ‘Time Out’, ‘Mars’, ‘Twix’, and ‘Ferrero’. Among the entire competitors ‘Time Out’ is on the top name of the list. According to the survey most of the people prefer Kit Kat rather than the other chocolates. Cadbury is one of the most popular companies for chocolate. It is known for its original milk chocolates. But when it comes to the snack bars, the first preference is ‘Kit Kat’. Hence we can say that the competitors are trying to improvise the original wafer coated with milk chocolate with other ingredients, such as ‘Tim Out’, which inserted flakes, ‘Twix’ which is combined with caramel flavour and ‘Kinder Buenos’ using hazelnut chocolate. This shows that the difference between Kit Kat has a different way to promote their chocolates and their competitors have different ways of promotion as they give there ingredients importance. Consumers are becoming more design conscious, demanding for goods which are aesthetically pleasing. Talking about Kit Kat, the packing is outstanding because of the striking red and convenient size. The chocolate also has a double packing. First is the outer layer which is red in colour and the second is the inner silver layer which is made of foil to protect the chocolate from bacteria and fungus. Products and there packing are affected by the lifestyle of people. More people are eating Kit Kat on the move, creating opportunities for chocolate bar line to compete in the snack market. Thus having an upper hand over its rivals, Kit Kat has done a good job by putting its product picture in front of their packing, so that it gives a clear meaning of what type of confectionary chocolate bar is Kit Kat. Nevertheless, “Time Out” has also done a good job by telling straight forwardly that it is a snack bar. On the other hand, “Twix’ packing may be a bit dull and misleading because there packing has only the product name but not what type of snack it is. At the same time, the gold packing is not so appealing...
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