Kiss the Rain Short Story

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Kiss the Rain
While waiting for my bus home in the pouring rain, I felt the rain suddenly stop. I looked up to see an umbrella covering me. I looked beside me to see a girl, about my age, kind enough to share cover with a soaked stranger. After a few moments, she moved the umbrella closer to me, motioning me to get it as she skipped on the waiting bus. My bus had come seconds after the girl’s left. I never got a name. I had forgotten about that incident days after only to see the umbrella in my room. Hovering over just to see a small paper attached to the handle, “Kang Eun-Mi” was written in graceful handwriting. While on my way to the bus stop in the pouring rain, I see a silhouette of a girl, about my age, standing there waiting for her bus. I opened the umbrella, stood next to her and looked down on her. Her face as beautiful and as graceful as her name, “Kang Eun-Mi”. I gave her back her umbrella and hopped on my bus home. I didn’t expect another encounter with the beautiful and graceful Eun-Mi but just the next day, I saw her again. Standing where she always stood. I smiled at her like an old friend and she smiled back showing her perfect smile. Her smile as beautiful and as graceful as her name, “Kang Eun-Mi”. I got on my bus, but to my surprise she got on as well. We easily got to know each other and as each day passes, I got to know more about the beautiful and graceful Kang Eun-Mi. She was perfect to me, I couldn’t see any flaw in her. She was beautiful and graceful like her name, “Kang Eun-Mi”. Years pass and the beautiful and graceful Kang Eun-Mi and I had grown to become the best of friends. No secrets were kept between us. No secret but one. I loved her. I didn’t love her like a best friend or a sister. I loved her like how Romeo loved his Juliet, like how Jack loved his Rose. No, I didn’t love her, I WAS INLOVE WITH HER. I was in love with the beautiful and graceful Kang Eun- Mi ever since I had laid my eyes on her. I couldn’t tell her in fear of losing out friendship. One day, I didn’t see her. I couldn’t call her. She didn’t reply to my messages or return my calls. I was worried, maybe something had happened to the beautiful and graceful Kang Eun- Mi. I rushed to her house but I was told she wasn’t home. I took the next taxi I saw to her school. My heart was racing so fast. I was afraid that something bad had happened to the Kang Eun-Mi I had loved so much. When I reached her school, the first thing I saw crushed me. It felt like swords had pierced my heart, cut it in a thousand tiny pieces. The beautiful and graceful Kang Eun-Mi was with another man. She was in the arms of another person. She loved someone else. I was not sure how to react. I was not sure what to do. Should I take her away from that man? Should I punch him in the face for stealing someone who wasn’t even mine from the start? I knew better than to cause trouble. I had to accept it. I had to cope with the burning feeling in my chest. I have always known that she would never love me that way. She would never love me like how I love her. I am nothing but her best friend. Just a best friend. I had tried to cut any ties with her. I didn’t return her calls, I didn’t reply to any of her messages; I tried everything to take my mind off her. But I would always find myself drifting to places where we used to go, bringing memories of the beautiful and graceful Kang Eun-Mi. But of all the places, I tried my best to not set foot on the bus stop where we first met. Seeing that place would always bring painful memories. It would always bring the happy moments we had. The happiest memories would always hurt the most. After months of not being with her, I received a call from her. She wanted to see me at the bus stop, she said it was important. And from the sound of her voice, I could tell that something was wrong. It was pouring heavily, I grabbed an umbrella and rushed to the bus stop as fast as I could. I could not think of anything...
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