Kiss of the Fur Queen

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  • Published : March 15, 2008
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Tomson Highway's "Kiss of the Fur Queen" is my favorite of what we have read so far. Vulgarity, creativity and abstract language are some of my favorite characteristics in writing. One of the things that surprised me about Highway's novel, which I do not want to say in class for fear that it is a false reaction to this piece, is his lack of abhorrence towards the priests in the Res School. It seems as though he almost appreciates what they have done for him. Granted, Jeremiah was given a chance to excel as a pianist and it seems he was not molested, but Gabriel treats the molestation as almost positive. He describes the priest as tasting like his "most favourite food, warm honey," which is not such a bad thing. This leads me to wonder if Gabriel was born a homosexual, which he probably was, or if he was made that way during Res School. On another note, this book connects with other readings, especially Ravensong, in the double consciousness of the boys and Stacy, and their different ways of handling it. Stacy is somewhat in between the extremity of how the boys handled it. She was able to bridge the gap while realizing that she was different from both groups. Jeremiah has a really hard time being both Native and part of the white culture while Gabriel embraces both cultures. Towards the end of Highway's novel, the boys do reconcile their double consciousness by publishing plays that embrace their native culture. If I could ask Highway one thing it would be, "What do you have to say about how Residential Schools shaped who you are?" All in all, this novel was fascinating and eye-opening, not only about homosexuality but about the complex struggles of Natives. It was something I would never have read had I not taken this class and something that leads me to want to read more of Tomson Highway.
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