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The Kirloskar Group is an Indian conglomerate with sales exceeding $4.917 billion. The Kirloskar Group today exports to over 70 countries, especially within India and over most of Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe. The flagship & holding company, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. established in 1888, is India's largest maker of pumps and valves and also undertakes construction projects through its subsidiary Aban Construction. Laxmanrao Kirloskar established the group, his son S. L. Kirloskar played a major role in its rapid growth. He created an empire that enjoyed one of the highest growth rates in Indian history, a staggering 32,401% growth of assets from 1950–1991 Headquarters- Pune, Maharashtra, India

History and make-up
The kirloskar group started in 1888 under the name Kirloskar Brothers Ltd by S.L. kirloskar son of laxmanrao kirloskar who was a bachelor’s of science in mechanical engineering from MIT, Cambridge. He created a business empire that enjoyed one of the highest growth rates in Indian history, a staggering 32,401% growth of assets from 1950-1991. Today, the Kirloskar Group is India's largest Engineering Conglomerate. Financial analysis

Revenue- 4.917 billion USD
Growth of 9%
Total Income- 24,353,735+ 764,290,093
Total expenditure- 21,877,039+ 435,042,411
Total profit- 16, 83,330+ 177,122,565
Flagship and Subsidiaries
Kirloskar brothers Ltd.
 Includes Kirloskar Brothers Ltd, Aban Construction Company, SPP Pumps (UK), Kirloskar Ebara Pumps Ltd, Braybar pumps Ltd, (South Africa) and The Kolhapur Steels Ltd Kirloskar oil engines limited

KOEL manufactures air-cooled and liquid-cooled diesel engines and generating sets Toyota kirloskar motor pvt ltd
 (TKML) produces Toyota Vehicles in India
Mysore kirloskar
Produced lathes including CNC types
Kirloskar ferrous industries limited
Produces pig iron and grey iron castings for the automotive industry Kirloskar electric company (Not a part anymore)
Made electrical equipment like transformers, generators and motors, etc. Members
Founder- Laxmanrao Kirloskar
Co-founder- Pratima Kirloskar
CEO-Sanjay Kirloskar
CEO (oil engines)-ajit kirloskar
Product Mix
Kirloskar brother ltd
* chemical process pumps
* API pumps
* split case pumps
* end suction pumps
* sheet metal pumps
* submersible pumps
* canned motor pumps
* condensate pumps
* vertical turbine pumps
* boiler feed pumps
* Submersible Motor Pumps
* moviBoost
* Hydro bloc
* Centribloc
* Hydrostar
* Monosub R
Kirloskar construction and engineering ltd
* Mechanical division
* Cross country pipelines
* Submarine pipelines
* Pipeline crossing at River/sea beds
* Jetty piping & trestles
* High-tech fabrication & equipment
* Tank farms
* Process piping, IBR piping, CDU, VDU heater coils
* Larger diameter underground and above ground piping
* Equipment erection
* Spool fabrication
* Water & sewage treatment plants
* Civil division
* Tunnels
* Underground caverns
* Civil work for industries
* Bridges and roads
* Hydroelectric projects
* Multi- storied building
* Water & Sewerage treatment plant
Kirloskar Oil engines limited
* Agri Pumpsets
* Off Highway Engines
* Agri Engines
* Generating sets
* Large Engines
Kirloskar ferrous industries limited
* Pig iron
Toyota kirloskar motor private limited
* Toyota cars
Organization structure

Quality assurance
Quality assurance
Research and engineering
Research and engineering
Information technology
Information technology
HRD and personnel
HRD and personnel
Finance & legal
Finance & legal...
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