Kirk Samuda, - Petroleum Engineering & Information Technology

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Individual Assignment - Preparations for MSc

Masters Program - Electives in prep for - Petroleum Engineering Information Systems Paper
Kirk Samuda,

Foley Belshaw Institute / Foley Belshaw University
May 5, 2006


Week (2)

Mr. Michael Szafranski

Let me begin by stating that I am an employee of MICROTECH Computers, a computer hardware and software consulting Firm that has built its Business Process Management (BPM) structure on the premise of consistent positive results. The company highlights its attributes around such processes that can easily be repeated, extended and scaled, monitored in real time or as close as possible, workflow participation that makes the most of desktop productivity, and the ability to integrate disparate information source and application functionality into a process. Bear in mind the functional frequent business rotation here at MICROTECH is that, process components and functionality must always be exposed and self describing. As such, MICROTECH invest heavily in a computer network that exercises the benefits of a Client-Server model, that gives both management and employees the ability to input data quickly, and process data formats that generate outputs that are informative and effective in growing its bottom line. By taking full advantage of the Windows Server 2008 Operating System and carefully selected applications for contact management and accounting purposes, the business process within MICROTECH becomes a machine customized to meet the changing needs of various primary and secondary departments that work together to achieve the best end results possible.

A mental picture of this business process model will display how information travels up a business process hierarchy and is distributed across various platforms where it is crunched and used effectively with the intent to convert prospects to clients, and then to maintain clients for future repeat business and...