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Individual Assignment – Part 1

Kirk Samuda,
University of Phoenix
August 5, 2012

There are three (3) interactive features that are added to my Index web page. They are:- * Please Share your contact information
* Create a customer account
* Please Sign-In, which ask for a Username and Password

I must also highlight the inclusion of three (3) links, Visit EBay website, Visit Amazon website, and Visit Craig’s List website, included during the week (3) development cycle; that gives the user or prospect the ability to compare prices on specific laptops.

Please share your Contact Information
This option allows the user to share their opinions and thoughts about the website and its products. Let us know how you the customer feel about the website, the quality of the products we sell, and how satisfied they were with the prices, and other associations.

Create a Customer Account
This option gives the user the option of acquiring a personal account, that creates a history file assigned specifically to that account. This account will reflect all the transactions performed by this customer based on Date, Time, Product Information Cost, method of payment. Please note that the history file has not been added to the Web Pages as yet. However, in a professional environment a detailed accounting database file would have been included.

Please Sign-In
This option assigns to the user, a Username and Password that is specifically associated with the user’s account. By signing in, the user automatically tells the website to keep track of all transactions performed by this user. This information is automatically stored in a database history file for subsequent viewing.
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