Kirby the Elf: Story

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  • Published : December 9, 2010
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Kirby the Elf
Once upon a time there was an elf named Kirby. He was one of Santas elfs. But, he was there only to help with the reindeer, when what he really wanted to do was to work on a toy line. It wasn’t like he didn’t love the reindeer, he just really wanted to make children smile and happy. All of the other elfs that worked with the reindeers laughed at him because if u were to work on the toy live you had to work with Santa for a very long time, that certain job was meant for elfs that he absolutly trusted. Sadly, Kirby had just started working with Santa and he has never even talked to Santa, which was part of the problem.

One day Santa had gotten a phone call and he had a distraught look on his face. He hung up the phone and said “Oh no, Tanner, Joey, and Jocy had gotten into a snowboarding accident, that was the hospital. They wont be back to work for 2 weeks and christmas in 5 days!” Now see these elfs weren’t just any elves, they the fastest , strongest , and Santa’s favorite elves. And, even though Santa would say he didn’t like to pick favorites everyone knew he did. The other evles would have to wear red and green, where as Joey, Tanner, and Jocy had gold and white outfits.

Santa really needed Jocy, Joey and Tanner because about two hundred children that had been on the naughty list had good and deserved to get toys instead of just coal. So the other elves had to work very hard to make more toys but it wasn’t enough. Santa went to the stables and said “Hello Kirby, Andy, Nik, Kira, Devon, and Chelsey I am in some trouble and need to pull you guys from reindeer duty to help make some toys.” Chelsey said “But Santa, we have never made toys before what if we let you down?” Santa said “Oh you guys could never let me down, all that matters is that you try as best as you can.” Kirby was so excited. It was his time to shine.

Thankfully when you start the job the head elves teach other elves how to work all of the machines just in case this...
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