Kira Kira Essay in Sense of Heritage

Topics: Japan, Moon, Hair Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: April 8, 2012
Part 1:
Explain how difficult it was in the early 1950s to belong to one culture and live in another * Have to assimilate into American culture so that they could have some friends in school * American influence

1. K and L pretended to smoke like floozies walked back to the car, sat on the hood and swung their legs like floozies. 2. K’s accent had already become very Southern “Lee-uhn” instead of L, “you all” instead of “you”, “you don’t sah-eee” instead of “really” 3. Wear pin curls to sleep so hair would be curly

4. L wore a jumper, just like the other girls who wore jumpers or plain skirts with white blouses 5. English names Lynn, Katie, Samson
* think like whites
* forget heritage
* lose heritage easily
Part 2:
Why is Mrs. Takeshima so fearful that her daughters will lose their sense of heritage? * not as Japanese as her(feminine) polite K said no when Uncle Katsuhisa thought if he could beat Lynn with the marble chess set he bought * Katie pronounced kirakira wrongly. (ka-a-ahhh)

* Born in America and educated in America, unlike Mrs Takeshima who is kibei. Kibei means that they were born in America and sent to Japan for their education. So Katie and Lynn could lose their heritage more easily than her. * K could only do the basic kind of onigiri, whereas Mrs Takeshima fancy triangular-shaped ones with seaweed and pickled plums * K’s accent had already become very Southern “Lee-uhn” instead of L, “you all” instead of “you”, “you don’t sah-eee” instead of “really” when she was six * L copied Amber sticking pinkie out, telling secrets, began to dislike going camping, L and Amber walked back and forth with books on their heads, L also wore lipstick when their parents were not around, experimenting with make-up, shows that they may lose their sense of heritage easily, and be very American Part 3:

Discuss customs that the Takeshima family practises that demonstrate the family’s...
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