Kip Kinkel School Shooter

Topics: Firearm, Handgun, Rifle Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Kip Kinkel School Shooter

Philip "Kip" Kinkel was born on August 30, 1982 in Springfield Oregon(TruTv). Growing up Kip had an interest in firearms from an early age(PBS). At first his father did not like the idea, but later he enrolled him into a gun safety course and bought him a .22 caliber Ruger long rifle and eventually a 9 mm Glock handgun when he was 15(PBS). During an interview with Newsweek Kip said that his psychologist told his father to "let Kip have the guns, for it will be a good outlet(PBS)." However, the outlet he eventually used them for was anger and revenge. It all started on May 20, 1998 when Kip brought a loaded, stolen handgun to school(NYT,Nov11). It was a .32 Beretta pistol loaded with 9 rounds(TruTv). A friend of Kip’s, Korey Ewert, had stolen the pistol from the father of one of his friends, and sold it to Kip for $110(TruTv). When the owner of the gun, Scott Keeney, noticed that his firearm was missing he immediately called the police and reported it(TruTv). While talking with the police Mr. Keeney gave the names of several high school students that he believed might have been involved in stealing his handgun(TruTv). However, even though Kip's name was not on the list the school called him to the office to see if he knew anything(PBS). Kip said: "Look, I'm gonna be square with you guys; the gun's in my locker(PBS)." As a result, Kip was suspended from school and later arrested along with Korey Ewert(NYT,May23). After Kip came home he must have snapped because at 3:30 P.M. he loaded the rifle his father had given him as a gift and went to the kitchen and shot his father in the back of the head(NYT,Nov11). Then like a cold blooded killer he just sat and waited for his mother to come home. As she walked up the stairs Kip told her that he loved her and shot her six times(NYT,Nov11). Twice in the back of the head, three times in the face, and once in the heart(NYT,Nov11). He later said the reason why he...
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