Kinzer Reaction Part 1

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  • Published : March 12, 2008
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In the book "Overthrow", by Stephen Kinzer writes about an American being involved in the first overthrowing of a foreign government. He also writes about 250 American sailors died when the Unites States used "forcible intervention" in what was then to become the conquering of three territories involving several islands in opposite sides of the world. "Some argued that the Unites States had to take new territories in order to prevent European power, or perhaps even Japan, from taking them" (Kinzer 33). Kinzer argues, the Unites States felt that by intervening and conquering new land they would have financial gain and a vast ability of land for economical used.

In 1876 when the treaty of Reciprocity was signed between the Hawaiian Majesty and then current president Ulysses S. Grant where the treaty involved local sugar planters in exchange for into granting United States exclusive rights to maintain commercial and military bases in Hawaii. After the sugar industry began to triple within a three year period it was well notice that "money rained down on the white planters who controlled Hawaii's economy" (Kinzer 14). Having said this, whites knew how much power they had over the Hawaii Kingdom. Therefore in 1892 "Thurston founded the Annexation Club, with the declared goal of bringing Hawaii into the Unites states. Imbued as was with the idea that only whites rule the islands efficiently, he was able to consider this a form of patriotism" (Kinzer 16-17). In January 1893 the Hawaii kingdom was overthrown by Lorrin Thurston a firebrand lawyer and antiroyalist plotter with the helped of the United States Marines.

As matter fact I find it hard to understand why white Americans have always been portrait as the super political and social power. I agree when Kinzer when he argues that the Unites States conquer new land in order to gain economical gain. Throughout American history there been several example of Unites State overthrowing governments for economical...
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