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A. Task 16
I. Definition of the context of business strategy6
1. Vision and mission6
1.1. Vision statement of KDC7
1.2 Mission statement of KDC7
1.3 The relationship between vision and mission of KDC8
2. Objectives and business strategy of KDC8
2.1 Objectives of KDC8
2.2 Business strategy of KDC9
II. Significance of stakeholder analysis explanation9
1. The identification of KDC stakeholders9
2. The influence of KDC key stakeholders11
2.1 Internal stakeholders11
2.2 Connected stakeholders12
2.3 External stakeholders12
B. Task 213
I. External environment of KDC13
1. Macro environmental factors13
1.1 Political and Legal13
1.2 Economic13
1.3 Social – culture14
1.4 Technology15
1.5 Environment15
2. Micro environmental factors15
2.1 Threat of new entrants15
2.2 Bargaining power of buyers16
2.3 Threat of substitute products or services16
2.4 Bargaining power of suppliers16
2.5 Rivalry among existing competitors16
3. Opportunities and threat of KDC17
II. Internal environment of KDC17
1. Competitive advantages of KDC17
2. Value chain analysis18
C. Task 321
I. Market penetration22
II. Horizontal integration by merger and acquisition22
III. Market development23
Reference list25


Established in 1993 with only 70 staffs at the beginning, until now, Kinh Do Corporation (KDC) has became very big one in Vietnamese market, with total staffs of over 7.741 employees. The company’s total revenue reaches 3,471.5 billion VND with four main businesses: foodstuff, retail, real estate investment and financial investment. Up to now, after more than 17 years of formation and development, over 90% of revenue of KDC has gained from foodstuff. In fact, in the foodstuff industry, KDC reaches many achievements and has an important position in Vietnamese market. This report will provide the definition of the context of business strategy; explain the significance of stakeholder analysis as well as conduct an external environment and organizational audit of KDC. At last, this report will show some strategic positioning techniques to the analysis of the company. All this parts of the report only focus on King Do foodstuff.

A. Task 1
I. Definition of the context of business strategy
Nowadays, along with the rapid development of economy in over the world, most of the companies have been established, which leads to the increase in the number of rivals also. Therefore, the competition in the market becomes fiercer and fiercer. So in order to compete with other companies and become successful in a long term, the company in general has to have a clear direction to identify its position in the future, which will be shown by the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the company. KDC is not an exception 1. Vision and mission

While a business must continually adapt to its competitive environment, there are certain core ideals that remain relatively steady and provide guidance in the process of strategic decision – making. These unchanging ideals form the business vision and are expressed in the company mission statement (, n.d). KDC is a big corporation which originally operated in Vietnam since 1993; for over 17 years of operation, KDS has started vision and mission to meet the appropriate business environment in the foodstuff industry.

VisionFlavor your Life
MissionOur Consumer Mission is to identify and produce affordable staple and packaged foods, snacks, bakery products, beverages and juices, confectionaries and condiments, instant foods, processed meats and health supplements which people want. Our products are pioneering market-leaders, hygienic, healthy, satisfying and conveniently available to all consumers. Our Shareholder Mission is to not only maximize investment returns over the long-term, but also to manage risk in order to give surety and confidence those...
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