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1. Field Trip to KINH DO CorporationPage 03
2. KINH DO CorporationPage 03
2.1) General Information about KINH DO CorporationPage 03 2.2) KINH DO’s VisionsPage 05
2.3) KINH DO’s StrategiesPage 05
1. KINH DO’s Biography, Products and Operation Structure Page 06 1.1) KINH DO’s BiographyPage 06
1.2) KINH DO’s ProductsPage 07
1.3) KINH DO’s Operation StructurePage 08
2. Marketing StrategyPage 11
3. How to be successful in interviewPage 13
4. KINH DO’s factories imagesPage 13
1. Three key strategies for Competitive AdvantagePage 14 2. Global StrategiesPage 16
3. QualityPage 16
1. Field trip to KINH DO Corporation
In order to understand the operation concepts and know how it is applied to real production in organization, we had a field trip to Kinh Do Corporation in Binh Duong thanks to Production and Operation Management course. We took this field trip to Kinh Do to know how they work, operate and control the organization; besides, we also has a chance to go for sightseeing in factory where crackers and cakes are produced every day. The trip lasted for about 4 hours; we were guided to the meeting room to hear about biography of Kinh Do which was presented by Mrs. Ly, then we listened to Mrs. Trinh about marketing strategy of Kinh Do. After listening to biography and marketing strategy of Kinh Do, we were given uniforms, hats and face-masks to go for sightseeing in factory. Finally, we came back to meeting to listen to Mr. Nam about how to prepare a good C.V and be successful in interview. 2. KINH DO Corporation

2.1) General Information about KINH DO Corporation
+Address: 141 Nguyen Du, Ben Thanh, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam +Tel.: (84) (8) 38270838
+Fax: (84) (8) 38270839
+Board of Management: Mr. Tran Kim Thanh - Chairman of the Board of Directors. +Board of Director: Mr. Tran Le Nguyen - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Kinh Do Group. Kinh Do Joint Stock Company was established in September, 2002. Kinh Do Corporation is a business group of Vietnam with an emphasis on food production, including goods, confections, snacks and soft drinks. The corporate group also includes companies in the fields of financial services, real estate and a retail bakery chain. Kinh Do Corporation manages a wide variety of brand names distributes imported brand name snack and candy goods, and manufactures food for export from Vietnam. Main offices of the company are located in Ho Chi Minh City.

Kinh Do is diversified into several fields of interest, listed along with significant subsidiary companies.

Food, primarily confections and soft drinks are manufactured and distributed by the following: ▪ Kinh Do Corporation
▪ Binh Duong Kinh Do Corporation
▪ North Kinh Do Food Joint Stock Company
▪ Ki Do Corporation - ice cream and frozen yogurt
▪ Kinh Do Saigon
▪ Vinabico Corporation - confectionary
The development strategy of Kinh Do is to maintain as one leading foodstuff group in Vietnam and orient to become a multi-sector group including: foodstuff, real estate, finance and retail in order to ensure the sustainable development in the future. The total number of staff is 7,741 people. Total charter capital of Kinh Do Corporation is 3,483.1 billion VND. Total revenue reaches 3,471.5 billion VND, in which the revenue from foodstuff accounts for 99.2%, total profit reaches 756.1 billion VND Products under the Kinh Do trademark are selling in all provinces through a diversified distribution system nationwide including 524 distributors, 31 Kinh Do Bakery shops and 200,000 retail outlets as well as franchised distribution...
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