Kinh Do Corporation

Topics: Strategic management, Stakeholder, Stakeholder analysis Pages: 18 (5321 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Table of contents
I.Context of business strategy3
II.The significance of stakeholder analysis7
1.Significance of stakeholders7
2.Stakeholders analysis and its importance9
III.Environmental and organizational audit of Kinh Do Corporation11 1.External environment11
1.1.PESTEL analysis11
1.2.Five forces14
2.Organizational audit18
IV.Applying strategic positioning techniques to the analysis of Kinh Do Corporation21 1.SWOT matrix21
2.Apply strategic positioning technique to analysis of Kinh Do22 2.1.Combination22
2.2.Business strategies of Kinh Do Corporation23
Kinh Do is a system of corporations in the field of foodstuff including cake, candy, beverage, ice-cream, and products from milk, which was established in 1993 going through 17 years of formation and development. Kinh Do is ranked as the leading foodstuff group in Vietnam and orient to become a multi-sector group including foodstuff, real estate, finance and retail in order to ensure the sustainable development in the future. The products of Kinh Do have been brought to conquer the most difficult customers over Vietnamese border such as USA, France, Germany, Singapore and Japan. This report will provide a sufficient overview of Kinh Do Corporation with its context of business strategy and stakeholders’ significance as well as its external and internal environment. Along with that, an adequate analysis of strategic positioning will be conducted as well.

I. Context of business strategy
To head the business toward an appropriate direction, every company sets it own vision and mission. These will the guide for strategic planning that orients the company in the further business. 1. Vision

Vision of a company is the most powerful motivator defining the way an organization will look in the future or the position that a company want to be with a long-term view, which is a source of inspiration with clear decision-making criteria. Vision of Kinh Do Food is simply stated as

“Flavor your life”
However, at a glance, this vision statement has not yet expressed the orientation and target of Kinh Do or answer the question “what we want to become”. In my personal viewpoint, this statement is too general and ambiguous, which shows neither a vivid picture of a bright future nor clear position that Kinh Do wants to achieve in a time-bound. A vision of Kinh Do should be succinct but has to illustrate its meaningful criteria and concentrate on future that suits realistic aspirations to motivate employees. To become effective, an organizational vision statement must become assimilated into the organization's culture and value. Thus, to integrate into its values, which are creative and pioneering, the vision of Kinh Do should show that it is nearly the first company that operates in the field of foodstuff in Vietnam bringing “flavor of life to every home through safe nutritious convenient and unique food” (Kinh Do, 2010, Annual report). From the official website, Kinh Do has stated a large vision with an orientation of “expanding the foodstuff sector to become a leading foodstuff corporation not only within Vietnam but also in the Southeast-Asian region” (from 2. Mission

Mission statement illustrates fundamental purpose of an organization or an enterprise and succinctly describes why it exists and what it does to achieve its vision. A Mission statement is more specific to what the enterprise can achieve itself and how to achieve vision. To achieve proposed vision, Kinh Do has put forward its missions. (from o Our Consumer...
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