Kingstone Technology

Topics: Motivation, Management, Kingston Technology Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: March 28, 2013

"Kingston Technology – Big Company Family Environment"

John Tu believes to build homogenous work environment is the main core to have successful company. Over their 1500 employee they all know each other on a personal level as well as professional. Kingstone Company maintains structure of the company through loyalty and trust of employees with company management. If you have a place or room your employee should had felt to be respected and treated fairly then you can create a space for them to grow and do their best and from that moral is born. Other way that John Tu & David Sun use to maintain trust between employee & manager where their desks for example lays at the center of the service of the company building where nothing separate employees with managers. By that they become so reachable more over their mainly presentation on the company more than 3 times per week.

John Tu faith that life is not about money for how much you have or how much you do the matter is what you do by these money? Kingston believes that as you enter to be a part of company family and as long as you gain money and make money you should share that with everybody on the company. Everybody have a credit for success of the company even if he just works for one week in the company before profit distribution.

Kingstone management use combination types of management to motivate their employees consequently they reach great number of employees to spire each one to be motivated by different reward. Optimality positive motivation and job satisfaction make detritions failure or booming successful of any business by offering employee source of psychological contracts of trust & motivation respects of employee and management, John Tu & David Sun have achieved these successes by their fairness & moral respects. Employees itself is the one who express their true opinion independent to the "Fortune Magazine" without any fear. As well as comfort work environment and...
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