Kings Speech

Topics: The King's Speech, George VI of the United Kingdom, Stuttering Pages: 4 (1153 words) Published: January 7, 2012
Jordan Blume Blume 1 22/09/11 The Kings Speech Review
Refurbished History

The King’s Speech is a moving film which provides viewers with an auto- biographic view on King George VI’s reign to power. Set in the 1930’s, The King’s Speech accurately conveys a believable setting and experience through the acting and camera work. Every emotion portrayed by the characters can be witnessed and felt first hand. One can literally feel for the characters and perhaps even relate at some points. Berty’s stubborn and quick tempered personality make it difficult for him to succeed, until he meets Lionel, an elderly man who sees something in Berty, the potential for greatness. Lionel stands by Berty; helping and pushing him outside his comfort zone, trying to eliminate or at least control his speech impediment. The title of King George VI is Berty’s and with Lionel’s help, the two work to overcome the odds and live up to the standards that are king. The Kings Speech is deserving of all the awards it received because it is a great movie. The historical content is accurately portrayed through flawless acting, sensual music, and lessons that anyone can learn from and appreciate. The visual and emotional experience overwhelms viewers making this an enjoyable and award deserving movie.

Blume 2
After watching The Kings Speech, one could say that it had an unexpected appeal to it; not something that you would normally like, but did for some reason. Its easily seen the time and energy that was put into the movie, as the scenes all flowed nicely, the music matched what was happening, and the emotions were felt beyond the screen. Even the camera work is well done and edited in a way which strengthens the overall finished product. “This is art, not just cinema. He doesn't...
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