Kingdoms of Camelot Rules

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The Guardians of Valor 2 is an alliance based on diplomacy, wise decision making, and common defense. We do not war for the sake of war.

1. No attacking members of any alliance just for fun unless we are in an official war with them.



OR those in an alliance UNDER the might rank of 30th (Having Lower Might, i.e. ranks of 31, 32, etc.) on the List of Alliances ;

OR in an alliance designated as dead by Chancellor Lothian;

AND who are not on our FRIENDLY Alliances List may be farmed for resources. Check the ranking and alliance membership often.

Do not hit the same player OR Alliance repeatedly or too frequently. WE ARE NOT BULLIES.

2. The Chancellor and/or his specifically designated Leadership member(s) will make the decision on which alliances we will and will not ally with or fight against. Unless there is a group hostile attack on the Guardians of Valor 2, leadership must make every effort to consult with the Chancellor before taking this type of action.

3. **We DO NOT STEAL WILDS from other players**, unless instructed to do so by Chancellor Lothian. This is EXTREMELY rare.

4. We will not declare war on any alliance unless at least 8 people are online to take part. ONLY the Chancellor may Declare War on an Alliance.

5. If you are hit by another alliance, DO NOT HIT BACK. Notify the Chancellor or a leadership member immediately. Retaliation will be decided upon by military leadership.

Upgrade your storehouses so other people cannot effectively "farm" you. Send excess resources to higher might players. Do not make yourself a target. Ask about the BANK!

6. Our members come from a wide number of nations, races, ethnic backgrounds, religions, etc. All are welcome and valuable GoV2 family members. Please keep in mind that jokes or words said without consideration for the feelings of others can not be taken back and offend many....
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