Kingdom Keepers

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  • Published : October 30, 2010
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Compare and Contrast Essay
By: Drew Hombach

Today I’m going to compare and contrast Finn (Kingdom Keepers main character) and Mabeck (also a main character in Kingdom Keepers). They’re the same in three ways, their adventurous, risk takers and very fast thinkers. Here’s an example of how their adventurous: Finn and Mabeck wondered into Space Mountain wondering how many Disney villains they would face. Here’s an example of how they’re risk takers: When they were being chased by a security guard Finn and Mabeck thought of the trouble they would get in if they were caught on a non DHI (Disney Host Interactive) day, their contracts and fast passes would be terminated. Here is an example of them being fast thinkers: As Finn was being carried away by gorillas Mabeck thought fast and shot the monkeys with a water hose, which worked, they dropped Finn and the two boys escaped.

Now I’m going to tell you the differences the two boys have. Here are there differences: Mabeck isn’t good at using technology and Finn is, Mabeck is out spoken and Finn isn’t and last but not least Mabeck is athletic and Finn isn’t. Here is an example of how Finn is better at using technology: Finn and Mabeck were at the animal viewing station and Mabeck was trying to zoom in but he got frustrated because there was too many buttons so Finn did it in one second. Here is an example of how Mabeck is out spoken: Mabeck was talking to the group and he was just saying everything on his mind, some of it didn’t even relate to the situation. Here is an example of how Mabeck is more athletic than Finn: When the two boys were running from the gorillas Finn had a hard time keeping up with Mabeck because Finn never played sports where as Mabeck did all of them. I hope you have learned the similarities and differences between Finn and Mabeck! Thanks for reading, BYE.
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