King Sejong the Great

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Myungsung Kim
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September 27, 2012

King Se-jong the Great

Do you know how many kings have the title of ‘great’? There have been

many kings all over the world, but only a few kings have the ‘great’ title. Se-jong

the Great is only one king has the title in Chosun, which was Korea between

1300s and 1900s. Se-jong the Great, who ruled Chosun between 1418 and 1450,

was the 4th king of the Chosun dynasty. He liked to read books of every sort and

kind, and he learned a lot from the books. He used his wisdom and people well

to rule the country, so he became the greatest king in Chosun.

He was the most scholarly king. He made a research institution. He took

men of talent into the research institution and encouraged them to their research.

He made some groups of researches such as farming, music, science, Korean

characters, etc. Most of the researches was successful. He made a sun clock and

water clock. He made a sun clock in 1300. People could know the time by the

sun and shadow; however, it had a problem. People only knew the time when it is

day time and a sunny day, so he made another clock. It was a water clock, which

was the first automatic clock in the world, in 1300. The water clock went by

dropping water each second, and the clock rang a bell automatically at every

exact hour. He made an accurate calendar. Before he made the calendar, people

used the Chinese calendar. The Chinese calendar was different from Chosun’s

seasons, so he and his scholars compared the stars’ movements and calendars

from Arabia, India, and China. They made a new calendar, and it was accurate.

There was only one second gap between the new calendar and calendar of today.

In short, he fostered developing technology and culture by encouraging scholars,

and his creativities and ways of ruling the people were worth admiring.

In addition, He was the most affectionate king....
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