King Richard Iii and Looking for Richard Essay Plan

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ESSAY PLAN!!!!!!!!!
* Both Shakespeare’s Richard III and Al Pacino’s Looking for Richard both portray central values and ideas of the time. * The texts ideas are reflected by the context of the time. * Both texts written in different time periods meaning completely different contexts which shape the text. * Through Pacino’s hybrid style docudrama, he attempts to demystify Shakespeare’s Richard III, making it more accessible to the everyday person. * Shakespeare shows the journey in Richard III of Richard himself on his dark quest to becoming king by both using his literary skills and performance to attain what he wants, ultimately being power. * Both texts use propaganda but whereas Shakespeare alludes to the Tudor Myth which is ingratiating himself to his patrons. Whereas Pacino is being more provocative. He is challenging the authority that the British literary world has over Shakespeare. * Both texts also use performance to connect ideas between the two

Para 1- Richard III
* Context
- War of the Roses – now that his house has won the battle. He wants to be king - Tudor Myth – had to ingratiate to the Tudor house and uphold their reign. This too is one of Pacino’s main challenges as he is expressing an egalitarian society where all people and their views are equal as he speaks to various people on the street. However Shakespeare had to ingratiate his monarch, the Tudor House and ensure Tudor patronage. * Throughout the entire play, Shakespeare depicts Richard as a monstrous Machiavellian. Who Nicollo Machiavelli described in his book which was written in Shakespeare’s time is when a person may use craft or deceit in order to maintain or achieve power. Shakespeare presents Richard in this way as he was from the House York which is what the Tudors opposed when they first came to power. * Opening soliloquy – See Richards true character and his intentions in the play. Recognises himself in the play, “I am determined to...
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