King Phillip's War

Topics: King Philip's War, Benjamin Church, Metacomet Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: April 22, 2013
During the King Phillip’s War both colonists and Indians suffered great tragedies with the loss of life and the destruction of land. After a year of conflict that could be classified as the “most devastating war in this country's history”,(Millet & Feis, 20012) the colonials were able to triumph. Success is due in part to insightful soldiers like Captain Benjamin Church who commanded ad hoc volunteer companies. That, in conjunction with the militia’s ability to incapacitate their enemies during the Great Swamp Fight, and the Indian allies assistance in battle lead to the colonist’s success American colonials during the 17th century were unfamiliar with the insurgency warfare conducted by the American Indian tribes of that time. They were used to the fixed battles on the open plains of Europe. It wasn’t until Captain Samuel Moseley, Captain Benjamin Church and William Turner compiled a volunteer company comprised mostly of friendly Indians, convicted pirates and other non-traditional soldiers, understanding that this would provide the colonists with an advantage in assaults and campaigns. These soldiers, known as ad hoc volunteer companies, were the first to conduct guerilla type warfare against the Indians. Although known as ruthless, hit and run warfare tactics were not the only tactic used by American Militia in battle during that time. During The Great Swamp Fight, a crucial battle fought between the colonial militia and the Narragansett tribe during December of 1675, the use of fire had devastating consequences to that tribe. Not only did hundreds of Indians lose their lives but their survival was jeopardized at the loss of the provisions needed to sustain them during the winter. These conditions had debilitating effects on the Narragansett tribe and their ability to support the Wampanoags tribe and their leader Metacomet. King Phillip had a difficult time recovering from the loss of this powerful alliance. That in conjunction with Capt Benjamin...
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