King of the Bingo Game

Topics: Protagonist, Antagonist, 241 Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Izabela Birsanescu
Mrs. Rayford
English 120
7 December 2012
“King of the Bingo Game”
Analysis of Author’s Purpose
The main purpose that Ellison is trying to show us is that even as we struggle and we finally win, injustice happens to us and takes all that is won away (252). The nameless protagonist is desperately hanging unto his last string of hope, the Bing Game (249). His love is dying because they don’t have the money to go see a doctor, he is famished and even hallucinating (246). Comprehension of Literary Elements

Ellison uses many literary terms and symbols. The story is in first person limited point of view. The climax is finally getting the Bingo (246). The falling suspense is the moment where he goes crazy, the crowd goes silent and begins to cheer, and the two policemen are noticed (250). The police men are symbols for injustice (251). The hunger is stress and everyday challenges (246). The train is the man’s fears (246). The wheel is the symbol of oppression, because as soon as someone is given the rare opportunity to try their luck, they are faced with the many sides of the wheel. The crowd is the opposition; they laugh at him, yell at him, and make fun of him (250). Points Understood and Why

I understand that the setting is around the 1940s or 1950s. The main character is a man beaten down by his circumstances. His last hope was to win the Bingo Game (247). He is in a situation where no matter what he does he is likely to fail, more so because he is black and thus, people have a sort of hate for him after only seeing him (247-248). I understand that he is facing a lot of injustices and that Laura’s situation makes him feel like less of a man. This is because he is unable to help her, to protect her. She is near death and he doesn’t have the money to take her to a doctor (246). Thus, when he finally has the button in his hangs, he has an episode, hallucinates and momentarily goes crazy (249). I understand that there were a lot of injustices...
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