King Lear Act 5 Outline

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King Lear by Shakespeare
Act 5 Timeline
Scene 1
1.Regan asks Edmund if he loves Goneril, she’s jealous
2.Albany takes part with Edmund, Regan, and Goneril against the French invasion 3.Edgar gives Albany in which Goneril asks Edmund to kill Albany 4.Edgar tells Albany to sound the trumpet in order to call him to fight Edmund

Scene 2
5.The battle begins
6.Edgar (peasant disguise) leads Gloucester to shelter of a tree and goes to fight on Lear’s side in battle 7.Albany’s army took Cordelia and Lear (French lost)
8.Gloucester wants to die again or be captured, but Edgar again persuades him to keep going

Scene 3
9.King Lear is in jail but doesn’t care because he is with his daughter, he has his pride back 10.Edmund sends Cordelia and Lear away and lies to Albany it was because he feared the people would feel bad for them and then turn on him 11.Albany arrests Edmund for being traitor

12.Goneril poisoned Reagan
13.Albany challenges Edmund to defend himself in trial by combat, sounds the trumpet and Edgar comes in normal clothing and armor 14.Edgar fights Edmund and wins but leaves him wounded and doesn’t kill him 15.Albany shows him the letter of treason and Goneril runs away after trying to help Edmund and hearing the letter 16.Gloucester died offstage, when Edgar admitted who he was, in a mixture of joy and grief 17.Goneril stabbed herself committing suicide, and Regan died after being posioned 18.Edmund admits what he did and says he has reached a “full circle”, he got what he deserved and admits to trying to get Lear and Cordelia killed the same day, then he sends for someone to go save them 19.It was too late and Cordelia had already been hung, but Lear killed the person who killed her and comes carrying Cordelia in his hands 20.Kent comes and shows himself as Kent in front of Lear

21.Edmund finally dies
22.Lear dies of grief over the loss of her daughter Cordelia 23.Kent is also ready to die, kill himself, because...
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