King Lear

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Bill Rush
Dramatic Imagination
Prof. Derrick
November 19, 2012
DMV Tyrant

I am going to write about the DMV Tyrant and more importantly and specifically I’m going to write about the character as it relates to theme. In the play I played the ‘Customer’ while Amber played the ‘DMV Lady’. I believe that my character the ‘customer’ relates to the theme in extraordinary ways and plays a key part in the play.

There are only two characters in the entire one act play so both play a big role in the theme of the play. I believe the theme of the play or one of the bigger themes is the system of protocol that our society almost blindly relies on. The customer goes into the DMV just so he can get a new license, seemingly a pretty easy and simple task. But because of some protocol and because of the laziness of today’s society ‘the customer’ is unable to get what he wants. He it seems because his name is not in the system cannot be helped. Now because this is a Comedy there has to be such problems or there would be no plot. More specifically this is a Burlesque comedy so to a certain point the characters have to be a little stupid. Amber’s character should very easily be able to either call up her boss or if she was taught the protocol on how to handle such matters should be able to handle such things herself. However, society especially the society that we are living today where it seems that we are taught to pass tests rather than to pass a logic or common sense test makes it impossible for Amber’s character to help mine out because well the protocol states that if you’re not in the system then there is no way for her to help my character which obviously is a bit exaggerated in the story than it would be in real life but it brings up the point. Do we as a society rely too much on rules and 'the system’ than common sense?

We can also see this lack of common sense take place when my character shows Amber’s character my temporary license and she acts as if I am...
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