King Lear

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Theatre 1020 Section 7
February 21, 2011
King Lear Reaction Paper
* In William Shakespeare’s dramatic play King Lear, the use of lights along with the combination of costumes and dialogue gave me a very positive reaction towards the play. The lighting used in the play helped me follow the play at a much easier pace than I normally am accustomed to. The alternation of day and night during the play was much easier to follow when the lights would either dim or get brighter, each representing either a new scene or a new time of day. The use of lighting to better depict what the setting was in the play is what made King Lear one of my favorite pieces of theatre to watch. The theme of justice throughout the play is also what got me more into the work. Being a Political Science major, the theme of political authority and justice made my interest dramatically increase when I finally realized the theme. * King Lear also uses costumes to depict the various levels of class in the society. The citizens in the upper class had more elaborate robes than the people in lower levels of the social pyramid. Personally, I enjoyed looking at the different colors and styles that were depicted in the play. The combination of lights, colors, dialogue and conflict are what made King Lear very much so worth the price of admission. This piece of theatre was a piece of art in everyway possible. I left the venue with a new look and glad that I attended the play, it was sheer beauty.
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