King Lear

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Appendix A - William J. Clinton
According to facts , William J. Clinton 'Appendix A ' made the strongest argument to promote racial equality. Racial equality means for black people to be looked as equal to white people. Many great speeches have been made such as Martin Luther King Jr's " I Have A Dream " and Barak Obama's " Remarks..." , both addressing the same issues as Clinton's. In my opinion , Clinton's was the strongest. Reasons for choosing Bill's speech , is because even though he was white , Clinton was still against racial abuse and the dangers of it. This not to say that other white folks aren't against racial equality , but there we're very few of them. Most white people have seen black people as a threat and just slaves. My point is that Clinton's speech was most appealing to me because he didn't decay his speech , to get his meaning across and he's mentioned the Civil rights leader , Martin Luther King Jr. as a great romodel/example , representing NAACP. The sense of urgency hit me when he informed us about all differen't stories with differen't conflicts and concepts. Not only involving black people , but white kids also. You would think that Bill Clintons speech is set on one specific dilemma but in my opinion , his speech is just fine and standard . He states jobs , society , freedom , racial equality , laws , health care , god and ways Martin Luther King would be dissappointed at us people If things didn't change . I find the speech to be incredibly understandable , detailed , not so short and not so long and infatuating amongst everyone. A higher rate of people might like Obama's speech or Martin Luther King because Obama's is much longer and cause he's the first African-...
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