King Lear

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Lesson Four Key Question - The Step Not Taken by Paul D’Angelo

The Step Not Taken is an essay written by Paul D’Angelo,it is about his experience as a hero involved in a personal quest on how to react to others suffering. His experience follows the archetypal pattern scheme, there are three stages, the separation stage, the struggle or initiation stage, the return and integration stage. In the essay written by Paul D’Angelo, the three stages are easily recognized.

Separation is the first stage of monomyth, which is a calling to something new. Paul D Angelo receives his calling once he is in the elevator with the younger man when he begins to cry. In this part of the essay it is easily identifiable that this is his quest, to help the young man but refuses to do so. He did not know how to approach him, he feared that the man could lash out at him, or would be put in a worse state that he was already in. The second step in the separation stage is the arrival of the magical being to guide and assist the hero to accept the quest. I think In D’Angelo’s essay his own conscience serves the role of the benevolent guide. After he stepped out of the elevator he instantly begins to feel guilty. I think this sense of guilt and regret came from the benevolent guide, his conscience. After this, he starts to question whether he should search for this man to see if he is okay, and whether this person was suicidal, or he could simply have woes that need to be released onto somebody’s shoulders. The regret and the fact that D’Angelo starts to wonder about things like, what caused the man to break down, so much that he burst into tears, shows that D’Angelo separated himself from the familiar social realm or the comfortable. In this stage it shows his willingness to change, which means that he now fully accepts the quest.

During the second stage of struggle or initiation of a monomyth archetype structure in a story, the hero figure being presented explores their...
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