King Kong Movie Comparison

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The King of Kong

The movies King Kong (1976) and King Kong (2005) based on the 1933 film are some of the most captivating films that offer to the audience memorable characters, resonating emotions, thrilling actions and archetypal narratives. Bierman indicates that the heart-stopping and jaw-dropping King Kong films have been made to expand visual languages mostly expressed by motion pictures to capture the core appeal which many classic movies have (57). As this paper examines, the 1976 King Kong movie and its 2005 re-make display certain similarities and differences in terms of art, style and technological wonder as well as poignant character development. These are indicative of the evolution of the Hollywood style. Besides, as movies of high polysemy quality, their audience draw attention to aspects like overt sexism, misogyny, cultural portrayal of women as fault makers and victims, fears of miscegenation, racist ideologies and capitalist fables. It is against this front that this paper holistically examines the two King Kong movies and concludes by exploring the American culture, society and politics at the time when both films were made.

The movie King Kong made in 1976 was produced by Dino De Laurentis alongside John Guillermin as the director. Being an American monster movie, King Kong (1976) remarkably reflected the 1933 King Kong classic film (Farber 104). This movie stars Jessica Lange, Charles Grodin and Jessica bridges. According to credible sources, the King Kong 1976 movie whose cost of making is estimated to have been $24 million was done by the universal studio and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

While the 1976 movie has been considered by critics to bear a lot of fun, one would agree with the common wisdom which contends that in comparison to the classic 1933 film and the 2005 re-make, the 1976 King Kong movie was considerably below the expected standards. According to Stymeist, this was reflected in its lack of original magic as it was in the earlier movie (400). This is reflected in Rick Baker who in his monkey suit robs the movie stop motion technology thereby making it void of craftsmanship. However, it is agreeable that the rendition of the 1976 movie has a breezy feel and is also quite thrilling to the target audience.

Both the 1976 and 2005 King Kong movies bring out the story of a voyage in a ship to a discovered island where Petrox and Fred Wilson and Carl Denham believe that they were vast oil deposits. The movie made in 1976 is a reflection of the oil crisis that was a problem in the 1970’s. While in the ship, certain characters such as Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange join each other with a unique mission. On the island, they meet island tribes, many monsters just as depicted in the 1933 film. Later on after a series of events, Kong is brought to New York and concludes by a major battle between Kong and the American army at the top of the World Trade Center.

On the other hand, the 2005 King Kong film is a remarkable fantasy adventure film starring Andy Serkis, Adrien Brody, Jack Black and Naomi Watts. The producers of the movie include Frank Walsh, Peter Jackson, Carolynne Cunningham and Jan Blenkin. Besides, the studio that produced the movie is said to be the Universal studio and its US distributor is the Universal Pictures.

It is imperative to point out that the choice of re-making the American iconic masterpiece King Kong (1973 movie) by Peter Jackson has been termed as a major fulfillment of a Hollywood dream. This movie is a combination of the 1976 and 1933 versions that represents the definitive King Kong. Albeit the several wrinkles and changes it has, the storyline pays few direct homage one of which includes the hammiest verbatim dialogue snatch where the absence of Fay Wray is experienced as she prepares something for Cooper. Schleier in his view points out that the 2005 film displays the kind of dislike where Jackson shows towards the 1976 version (40). This is...
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