King John and Stuff

Topics: Magna Carta, United States Constitution, John of England Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: March 18, 2013
It’s 1750, the Magna Carta has changed the ways of both colonists and king john. John has lost his power and control of taxes. He also lost control of the people and their freedom of speech. I asked a kind gent and he said he could only remember a few because he was a little tipsy (drunk). A couple bill of rights are freedom of speech in parliament and the right to petition. The buzzed gent also went on and on of how unfair the crimes were because there wouldn’t be a trial. Oh its terrible how they treat them, they bought them from a boat and one of the African Americans told me he watched his mother, right before him die in the cold dark tragic night he couldn’t do anything because of the metal chains attached to the boat. That was one of most horrifying stories I have ever heard. As you can tell life as an African American slave was terrible. Every colony has at least a couple slaves and they treat them like dogs. Religion is extremely important, both boys and girls had to read the bible 2-3 times. The preacher spread the word of god to many people and touched their souls by spreading their religion. Church was extremely important to people all around and the church was held on Sunday. Most children are not educated and don’t go to public schools because in the north and south there are barely any public schools. For most older children religion slowed school down. The teacher of a school invited me in and it looked like a strict orderly class with the desks as neat as can be.
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