King Jewels: Ethical Leadership in Practice

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Assignment #4 : King Jewels : Ethical Leadership in Practice

Discuss how the leadership style may have contributed to unethical behavior.

In the world of greed, I think people tend to forget what the words leadership mean. Leadership means being a good role model for your peers, being able to guide, lead and direct them in the right direction. In the case of King Jewels Clement Tam failed to do so because he let his power take over he responsibility to be a great leader for the company. King Jewels was just a mom and pop jewel store owned by Andy Wong and his wife for 20 years during the 1985. The business later expanded from Hong Kong to China in the 1990’s. Sells had been booming in the last ten years. According to Mr. Wong a good vision and direction were critical leadership qualities. Mr. Wong always said, “You do not achieve commitment to, or an understanding of, a company’s vision and mission without actively pursuing and practicing it at every opportunity”. This statement is very powerful meaning you should live up to your business vision and mission statement on a everyday basics(The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2008).

Wong had a vision on how he wanted his company to expand over time. So, he hired his close friend and right hand man Clement Tam who was primary responsible for worldwide gem sourcing. He also was both operations director (overseeing the whole company) and head of the sourcing department. Tam Wai Man who was Tam’s sister was the accountant for the company. Chan Ming was head of business services including wholesale and retail businesses. Lastly, Jonathan Ho, head of production and authentication, he was in charge of the company’s manufacturing operations and gems authentication in

China. Ho was known for his efficiency and decisiveness, and occasionally criticized by his staff for having a dictatorial leadership style and making decisions without consulting his colleagues (The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2008). Everyone has their...
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