King Henry V Leadership

Topics: Battle of Agincourt, Henry V of England, Henry V Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: August 22, 2012
What relevance do you feel as a young person that your study or ‘henry V’ could have on teaching our leaders of tomorrow about the qualities necessary to be a leader?

In the midst of South Africa’s current leadership crisis young South Africans lack a great leader to look up to and learn from. The study of a Henry V and his character serves as a way of teaching these leaders of tomorrow about the qualities necessary to be a leader. Henry is ultimately an excellent leader whose oratory skills, ability to identify with the common man, morality and determination make him an ideal model of leadership for the youth of South Africa. Henry V possess excellent rhetorical skills, just as any great leader should, which he uses to inspire his men. Before the battle of Harfleur he inspires his men to fight with determination and passion even when they are tired and weak. When his army are facing impossible odds before the battle of Agincourt he is able to uplift and inspire his men in his St Chrispins Day speech. ‘ for he that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother’. For one to be a successful leader one must be able to relate to the common citizen and have the respect of one’s people, qualities that Henry possesses. Before the battle of Agincourt, Henry disguises himself as a common soldier and moves through the camp quietly giving courage and confidence to his men. Henry is able to connect with the common soldiers in his army rather than being a remote and distant leader. He commands both loyalty and respect from his soldiers and people, ‘The King is a good King’. In a position of leadership Henry’s qualities of social justice and morality are key. Henry is a man of social conscience and principle which is evident when he decides to kill his former friends who have betrayed him. Regardless of personal feelings, he acts in a fair and just manner, ’Touching our person seek we no revenge’. His morality can be seen in his call for his men to behave in an acceptable...
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