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Topics: Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn, Wives of Henry VIII Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: December 4, 2012
King Henry VIII Essay

People recognize kings as their all powerful kind leader that would protect all their people from harm. Although, in reality there are kings who disliked are not looked up toward by their. For example, Henry VIII was a king that abused his own power to gain whatever he wanted through force and execution.

Firstly, Henry VIII abused his power to force the divorce with his wife, Catherine of Aragon. Catherine did not produce a healthy living son and heir which was what Henry desired most in the world. Henry interpreted a passage from the bible, “if a man marries his brother's wife he will be cursed with having no children," to mean this was why he and Catherine had no son, which was the child he truly wanted. Henry's desire to rid himself of Catherine really kicked into high gear when he met and fell in love with Anne Boleyn. Henry consulted the Pope to divorce Catherine for Anne. The Pope denied the kings request to divorce Henry and Catherine so Henry sought out the protestant faith ultimately reforming England to the Protestant faith rather than Roman Catholic. Henry’s actions signify his ambitions to use his power as king to force his will into action. Henry will stop to nothing just to divorce Catherine for Anne even if it means to reform an entire country to a different faith.

Secondly, Henry VIII abused his power to execute those that anger him. Of the six wives King Henry VIII had in his life time, 2 of them were executed. The two wives were Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. First, he discovered that Anne was sleeping with other men while she was still married to Henry. Henry was enraged when he discovered this, so he sentenced her to be beheaded using his power to execute her. Following the execution of Anne, Henry married Jane Seymour who later died after giving birth. After Jane’s death, Henry found a new wife, Anne of Cleves whom he divorced after falling in love with Catherine Howard. However after a few short weeks,...
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