King Henry Viii and the Reformation of England.

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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King Henry VIII and the Reformation of England
King Henry VIII the Golden Prince of England. The first well-educated English monarch, who spoke many languages including French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin. He was many things including an accomplished musician, writer, and poet. He wrote a book protesting Luther’s ideas in 1521. He surpassed at jousting and hunting, using them not only as pastimes but also as political devices. (Henry VIII, 1) Even though he possessed great qualities, he was also a very powerful man with his own strong will; his overpowering charm, could turn into anger and shouting for he was high strung and unstable; he also was neurotic and controlled by a strong sense of cruelty. He executed people if they stood in his way. During his reign approximately 72,000 people were estimated to have been executed. Including two of his wives Anne Boleyn; his mistress for which he divorced his first wive Catherine of Aragon for, and Catherine Howard a girl who he executed when she was only 21 years old. He broke away from Rome by declaring himself supreme head of the church in England and giving himself complete power over everything in England. King Henry VIII broke away from the Roman Catholic Church because of his love for his mistress Anne Boleyn, for power over everything in England, and for money for the wars in France.

King Henry VIII broke away from the Roman Catholic Church because of his love for his mistress Anne Boleyn. Catherine of Argon was King Henry VIII first wife. Catherine was Henry’s brothers widow. The Roman Catholic Church made it so that Henry could marry his brother’s widow. Later Henry wanted the church to make it possible for him to divorce Catherine of Aragon. (Lacey 67) Catherine was a loyal wife but the only problem was she could not give Henry a living male heir. She conceived many times but each time the baby was born either dead, or died in a few days. Finally Catherine gave birth to a living child but it was a...
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