King George Vi: the Real Kings Speech

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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Kimberly Wooten
Professor Kathy Kile
Speech 1010
November 6, 2012

The Real King’s Speech
One man in history who gave a speech when the public’s faith was at an all-time low was King George VI. He had to step up and take the spot as king when it was not what he originally thought would happen. He suffered through hardship and troubles through his rein which some affected the way he was able to talk to his people. The speech he gave was not just given to a small audience but to his entire country. King George VI’s life was very interesting life which gave him the opportunity to give a very famous speech that affected the entire world.

King George was born on December 14, 1895 in Norfolk, England. His full name is Albert Frederick Arthur Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. King George VI was often called Bertie or Albert by his family. He was the second son of King George V and the Duchess of York, Victoria May. King George VI did not have an easy childhood because of his mother’s lack of affection and his father’s criticism. He developed a stammer at age 8 and also had to wear leg braces because of his knocked knees when he was young. He was a very shy and easily frighten child which also affected the rest of his life. He graduated from the Royal Naval Academy and went on to be a midshipman in the Royal Navy. After fighting in WWI he joined the Royal air force and became a pilot. He then went on to Trinity College but only stayed for one year because he then needed to fulfill his duties as the Duke of York. In 1923 he went on to marry Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, which had been a family friend since they were young. They had two children, Elizabeth, the oldest, and Margaret, the youngest. They were a close and happy family. His wife saw that he needed help with his stammer and found a great Australian therapist for him to see, Lionel Logue. After being with him and doing his exercises the king began to speak without a stammer. He was not supposed to be the...
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