King Creon a Narcissis

Topics: Shame, Haemon, Oedipus Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: December 1, 2011
Is King Creon a Narcissist?

Did King Creon suffer from narcissism? A narcissist is usually vain and arrogant, they believe they are smarter then everyone else and do not like to be challenged. A narcissist has an inflated sense of self-importance. Creon exhibits a lot of these characteristic through most of the play. After Creon nephews have perished and Creon is the next of kin, his head seems to swell with the power of the throne. He indicates that and whoever places a friend /above the good of his own country, he is nothing (663). I think this statement shows that Creon is not worried about what his people think of the ruling he makes, but the wishes of the throne, which are his wishes. He is concerned with only his own wishes and the voice of the people will remain unheard. Creon has no empathy for the pain that Antigone is going through. Her brothers are dead and in regard to Polynices, no he must left unburied, his corpse/ carrion for the birds and dogs to tear,/ an obscenity for the citizens to behold! (664). A person not suffering from narcissism would understand that this action would push the loved ones of the deceased over the edge. Creon believes his own ruling should be above what the Gods had set forth as ceremony for the dead. He doesn’t flinch as Antigone pleads her case that the Gods have set standards for the treatment of the dead. He is so full of himself that he believes that his order would be above the Gods. A narcissist believes he is the most intelligent and that no one not even can rival him, not even the Gods. Even though Antigones is his son’s fiancé, Creon wants to carry on with the punishment. Creon expects Haemon to be on board with this because it was Creon’s rule that Antigone disregarded. Creon tells his son “Fine Haemon, That’s how you ought to feel within your heart, subordinate to your father in every way’ (675). Haemon pleads with his father but Creon has no respect for the way his son feels, and tells him You’ll...
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