King Corn

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  • Published : March 27, 2011
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The Documentary ‘King Corn’ is an intersting and entertaining account that examines the impact of the corn industry on food production in America. The film follows Curtis Ellis and Ian Cheney, two recent university graduates who set out to study the overwhelming influence that industrial corn has on the varieties of foods that America consumes each year. The concept of the film is introduced when Curt and Ian have samples of their hair examined, and are surprised to find out that the large amounts of carbon found in the samples originates from ingesting corn products. Many people including myself, would likely be shocked upon hearing this fact, based on the traditional concept of corn; being the small yellow vegatable enjoyed on occasion at most. Sharing this viewpoint, the boys become interested in finding out for themselves why it appears that they are eating so much corn; and hence the topic of the documentary. They decide the best plan of action is to travel to Greene, Iowa, and grow 1 achre of corn to establish how this plant is transformed into so many of the foods that we each. This critique aims to examine some of their findings and discuss the influence and credibility of their arguments. In short, the issue the film addresses is the overwhelming reliance that the American food industry has on the growth and production of corn and its various bi-products. From first glance, many may inturpret this issue as not being a huge problem; after all, when I think of corn, I think of a vegetable. There are certainly other ingredients that would appear to be much more detremental to the health of consuming citizens. But as the film progresses, the viewer learns that the type of corn and it’s bi-products being considered, is far from the conventional concept. While in Iowa, Curt and Ian learn from local farmers, professors and other stakeholders within the industry that the corn they are producing will be used for a variety of purposes, two of the main...
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